Representatives of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), a non-partisan all-volunteer organization, will speak at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary (RFS) as part of its climate action program. With its hundreds of chapters nationwide, it aims to reduce toxic fossil fuel emissions by lobbying government officials to enact sound ecological legislation.

NOTE: This concert was so well recieved in August that we have decided to run a reprise.

A concert of music and poetry to celebrate the life and work of Leonard Cohen will be held Sunday afternoon,at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary in Brooksville. The concert combines the singer/songwriting talents and harmonies of the folk duo Timbered Lake with the poetic offerings of local poet Paul Weiss. The concert will combine original work dedicated to Cohen with covers of Cohen's music and poetry.

From Traumatic Paralysis to Unified Action
We all have wounds, barriers, and blind spots that prevent us from fully connecting with others. They also prevent us from moving forward and unifying our movements. During this workshop we will learn:
  • How to recognize our own wounds, barriers, and blind spots.
  • How to acknowledge the wounds in others.
  • How to move beyond these obstacles to achieve unity
  • How to be good allies or accomplices.

Gail Page will lead a monthly group healing circle and lead us through a visualization to connect with our power animals. We will meet the first Monday of the month, 4:00 - 5:00pm. Any donations will go into the Reversing Falls Building Fund.  This is a sub-group of the Women’s Circle and is for women only.


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