Call to Action!

“All hands on deck. There are no passengers on this spaceship Earth, only crew.”
 - heard at the Center for an Ecology Based Economy Conference      
The 3 most important elements in moving Earth’s trajectory from ecocide to regenerativity are
  • The climate crisis discussion becomes center stage in the election debates emphasizing the value of science (facts, evidence and empirical findings) leading to the election of science-based climate policy advocates.
  • The growing awareness that returning to the old normal or pre-corona status quo will only hasten our descent into an Earth inhospitable to humans, creating an opportunity for radical social/economic/political change.
  • In addition to its often emphasized existential realities, our climate predicament can be revisioned as a cosmic and spiritual adventure on par and beyond the greatest movements of human history: abolition of slavery, Ghandi’s non-violent ending of colonianism, civil rights and women’s rights, LGBTQ rights...
All 3 preconditions for a regenerative Anthropocene Era are based upon our species’ ability to bring our world-view in line with the world. The pandemic is emphasizing the teaching  that we are all connected. We are all part of each other and a greater whole, whether we want to be or not. As others have said “to be, is to be connected (T. Berry)” and “nothing is itself without everything else (Bishop Tutu).” 
In order for science (as noted in the first bullet) to make a significant contribution to political events, two conditions must be met. First, the media must be willing to substantially increase its broadcast of scientific findings and major consensus reports.  (At some point the media must change from reporting false generalizations about our climate situation made by politicians and then point out that the statements are in error, to simply not reporting the false news.) Second, scientists must become creative in messaging and communicating their findings and projections. This would include establishing a panel or council of climate scientists that would frequently engage the media and offer on-going coverage of critical climate issues. The Union of Concerned Scientists seems to be the most hopeful organization to parent such a development. This week they are co-sponsoring an Ellsworth Library event you can join at:
There is so much going on in terms of climate action. If you are not fully engaged in “the Great Turning (J. Macy)” you are invited to become part of it by using CAN (the Climate Action Net) to connect with like-minded citizens as a first step of unleashing the creativity of our community. In lieu of our website which is under construction by our student interns, email any inquiries to - Tony Ferrara (CAN Coordinator) or call 326-8564.