Call for Art

The Gallery Within announces a call for entries for two shows in early 2019.

Art From Anything February 2-24, 2019 (too was a great show!)

In this show, artists explore the diversity of materials used to create art. Paint, stretched canvas, drawing paper, and clay may be in evidence, but the artists will also reach beyond the traditional paint box to mine materials from hardware stores, dumps, attic trunks, thrift stores, forests, shoreline, and children’s toy boxes. Art can be made with anything and everything.

Water Flow & Form April 6-28, 2019

How do artists use water as an image or in the fabrication process of their work? Artists in this exhibit might work in watercolor, wet felting or basketry or depict foaming ocean waves, drops of rain, water lilies in a pond or ice crystals. Artists explore, expand and explain our human connection to water….a basic element of life.

Learn more about our Gallery Within space in our March 2019 newsletter (scroll down to pages 2-3).

Artists interested in participating in any of these exhibits of The Gallery Within @ Reversing Falls Sanctuary, Brooksville, ME should contact Daksha Baumann, 326-0631 .

The Gallery Within is a non-profit gallery and seeks to exhibit work:

  • By those not, or under-, represented by commercial galleries, emerging and established artists
  • By those whose work will strengthen connections among the local community
  • By those who explore ecological issues
  • By those who explore spiritual issues
  • By those who engage others in a collaborative art making process
  • By those who expand the creative culture of the local community