To: The Choir and Open-minded of Any Persuasion

The Climate Change landscape in Washington is rapidly changing. The old equilibrium was to  bombard climate change deniers with the latest scientific data who would then seek shelter in slippery logic and dis-information. The new arena of the struggle is to de-fund and control efforts to collect and interpret the scientific data. The Climate Change component of NASA, NOAA and the EPA are all bracing for severe budget and personnel cuts. In effect, it is a dismantling of the early warning system monitoring threats to our planet's hospitality. (This is reminiscent of President Truman, a smoker, being questioned about the undeniable evidence of the link between smoking and Cancer. He promised to give it up, but later clarified he meant scientific findings, not smoking!) Many people seem to agree on a dual threat to our existence: Nuclear War and Climate Change. The asymmetry of response to these double dangers is bracing. If actions taken for the nuclear threat were equivalent to those taken for the climate threat, we would be dismantling 16 intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and military.
The game changer to combat this anti-science - this detachment from reality - is for us to encourage our scientists to advocate boldly for the importance of the scientific method as the mainstay of human survival. The greatest of our existential threats may be neither Climate Change nor Nuclear War but, rather, the denial of science, facts and reality. Politicians who disregard reality do so at their own peril if they wish to continue to represent us.
Reversing Falls Sanctuary is fortunate to be revisited by Dr. Paul Mayewski, leading Climatologist, who kicked-off last year's program of our Community Climate Change Initiative. He has recently returned from UNESCO's launch of the Ice Memoryproject in Paris.   
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