Carol and Dick Gregor
Dick Gregor (BSME, PE, LEED) is a Maine Professional Engineer, Nasa Fellow, Dartmouth, Thayer School, Department of Energy Building America Program and Carol Gregor, Design Build, is a NAHB Award recipient in Design and Film Producer, The Lost Language of Architecture.
The Gregors will share their years of home and commercial building, design and construction experience and research, to provide an overview of the impact of personal decisions we make. regarding the design, construction or remodeling of our homes which create 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.
The Design conversation includes size of homes, orientation, site analysis, real costs of project, including life span of products, travel, longterm use, and site locations as healthy or not.
The Engineering conversation will explain the existing areas that contribute to climate abuse and a 1-2-3 approach for homes, which is Conserve (as in insulate before you isolate); Combine (as with generators that also give heat and cooling); and then Create (as with solar panels or wind turbines) energy to provide the lowest impact that will be secure and affordable in the future.