Judith Sloan "Off the Record: Between a Laugh and a Hard Place"

judith_sloanIn these times of increasing political distress, and misdirection, actress, audio artist, comedienne Judith Sloan performs a range of characters and monologues in a performance that combines pathos, comedy, and a love of the absurd. Sloan investigates the ways people remember or misremember and how we collect evidence from eyewitness accounts in a world manipulated by fake news, strange news, and investigative news. She finds herself, along with millions of other Americans, "between a laugh and a hard place." She peppers her character monologues with up-to-the-minute commentary on local, national and international news - ruminating on healthcare and religion ("pray that you don't get sick"), global warming, and how to survive an oligarchy without losing your mind.
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 “Oral History with a twist!”  The World  Public Radio International 
“A world view that sees comedy and tragedy as two bones of the same skeleton in the closet.  Superb!” The Scotsman 
“...boldly carries the tradition of oral history into the 21st Century. Electrifying!” Eve Ensler, playwright, The Vagina Monologues 
“Sloan’s empathy and perceptiveness have the potential to inspire much-needed understanding amid inflammatory rhetoric that outweighs reason in our current political climate.” Broadway World 
“...mercurial, mesmerizing,  meaningful and entertaining,  Sloan presents a one-person  whirlwind of characters - challenging preconceptions while reminding us of our common humanity. Judith Sloan’s work is inspiring and not to be missed.”  Noel Paul Stookey 
Opening act by: 
Warren Lehrer, genre defying writer/artist
 “Once considered too far ahead of his time… Now the times are beginning to catch up to him.” 
The New York Times Book Review
Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 19:00
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Reversing Falls Sanctuary
818 Bagaduce Road
04617 North Brooksville , ME