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THREADBARE THEATRE WORKSHOP ANNOUNCES FREE OPEN WORKSHOP SERIES AT REVERSING FALLS SANCTUARY BROOKSVILLE (June 20, 2022)– Threadbare Theatre Workshop’s core artists are in residence at Reversing Falls Sanctuary this summer. Esther Adams, Joshua McCarey, and Kate Russell are slowing down to connect with the Brooksville community and beyond through free workshops and offerings. Threadbare illuminates epics in a simple way through the magic of resourceful storytelling, engaging community members as crucial collaborators in the process. After a sold-out, whirlwind season at Carding Brook Farm last summer, the team decided to take a breath before crafting their next original, community-devised play. “We’re grateful to the generous stewards of Reversing Falls Sanctuary for collaborating with us on this residency. In the midst of so much doing, in the wake of so much loss– the time and space to slow down is a gift. We want to share it with the community,” said Kate Russell, Threadbare’s Founding Artistic Director. Folks of all ages from across neighboring island and peninsula towns are invited to participate in free creative writing, movement, and theater workshops as well as a contradance, bike ride around Cape Rosier, and Silent Sanctuary Days. Threadbare will launch the workshop series with Open Door Day on July 2 at 10am, where community members are welcome to gather at the sanctuary for coffee and pastries, and to learn more about Threadbare’s collaborations and upcoming events. As space is limited for indoor events, please register in advance at to ensure your place in the workshop. Threadbare will continue to follow CDC guidelines to ensure all workshops and events are Covid-19 compliant. ABOUT THREADBARE THEATRE WORKSHOP Threadbare Theatre Workshop illuminates epics in a simple way through the magic of resourceful storytelling– laying bare our humanity so we may thread more empathy into existence. We are committed to making theatre from scratch across the local landscape, engaging its people and alternative spaces to foster creative partnerships within the community. We continue to celebrate and elevate the heritage of rural places, teaming up with denizens to devise an original work through collective creation. ABOUT REVERSING FALLS SANCTUARY Reversing Falls Sanctuary strives to create a sacred, welcoming space that builds a community where everyone’s story is honored, supports artistic expression, models and inspires care for earth– our common home, and encourages the inner journeys of all.


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