Science for policy, policy for science

Dr. Paul Mayewski sent a recent publication for circulation. It addresses the relationship between Covid-19 and the climate crisis. 
The concluding paragraph follows:
Science for policy, policy for science
"The world’s poorest are also the most vulnerable. In 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. These represent 17 objectives to improve human life and the planet with a target date of 2030. Goal 3 is Health and Well-Being. Goal 13 is Climate Action. Will COVID-19 derail each? On Earth Day 22 April, 2020, WMO’s Taalas insisted: “We need to show the same determination and unity against climate change as against COVID-19.”
In recent years, leading figures in countries ranging from the United States to Brazil have found it expedient to retreat from objective scientific facts. The good news is that as a consequence of the current pandemic this brief yet hazardous anti-science moment may be over. Citizens worldwide are now accepting that scientific facts must be the basis of decision-making for law and policy. This is the only way to prevail. On 14 April 2020 UN Secretary General António Guterres established the United Nations Communications Response Initiative to flood the Internet with facts and science in an effort to counter “the growing scourge of misinformation”. We must first trust in science, he added, because now is the “time for science and solidarity”."
Paul Andrew Mayewski is an internationally acclaimed glaciologist, climate scientist, explorer and leader of more than sixty expeditions to remote areas for which he has won numerous awards including the Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research and the Lowell Thomas Medal of the Explorers Club. He is Distinguished Professor and Director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine.