Jonathan Hart
Jonathan Hart, Revision Energy, is a Licensed Electrician and Solar Design and Installation Expert. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer and B-Corp facilitator.
Join ReVision Energy’s Jonathan Hart to learn how solar, combined with advanced clean technology, is powering Maine’s energy transformation. A recent MIT study shows that solar costs have dropped 99% over the past 40 years, making solar electricity cost-competitive with natural gas-fired electricity from the grid (minus the severe environmental impacts of fracking and burning shale gas). Today, Maine homeowners and businesses are saving money and cutting pollution by using solar electricity combined with heat pumps to replace oil and gas for heating, and solar combined with electric vehicle charging to eliminate gasoline and harmful tailpipe emissions. Federal and state incentives are also making battery storage a more affordable backup energy source to fill the gaps when New England’s powerful solar resource is not strong enough to meet real-time energy demand. Join us for an informative presentation on solar technology and policy in 2019.