Thomas Stone and Nico Jenkins

Tom Stone, Associate Professor of Physics, and Nico Jenkins, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, both teach at Husson University in Bangor, Maine. They have also both chaired and served on the Sustainability Committee and a version of this talk is forthcoming in the journal Sustainability: the Journal of Record.

The issue of climate change has come to define this century, and as such it is the essential existential question facing human civilization. How we respond must be both complex and simple; our transition(s) must be interconnected and singular, tentative and bold, as well as personal and systemic. In our response to the crisis, we recently introduced a co-taught course at Husson University,  What If They’re Right? Individual Responses to Climate Change. This course addressed, through both philosophical and scientific lenses, various responses to climate change – from the technological to the political, from the social to the spiritual – in order to empower our students to better respond to the challenges this changed (and changing) world will require, as well as make greater contributions at the community level and higher.