Two Month Countdown to the Community Build

In two months, beginning October 26 and lasting for a week, a diverse community of volunteers will begin to fabricate the insert frames assembled by WindowDressers in Rockland. Our Blue Hill Peninsula Community Build will be one of a dozen in Maine fabricating thousands of window inserts. There are still many preparations to be made for the build; the most crucial element being the scheduling of persons to staff the several work stations. The Reversing Falls Sanctuary Website makes registering to volunteer simple. On the Home Page is a VolunteerSpot Tab which takes you right to the schedule to sign on for one or more morning or afternoon work visits.  

In an assembly-line type situation, the insert moves from taping to wrapping, to taping twice more and then shrinking. Learning the fundamentals of a particular work-station takes only minutes and the skill level and speed increases with time. This is a major community initiative which may involve up to 80 volunteers, depending upon how many multiple-shifts volunteers are willing to take-on.

In addition to staffing for the fabrication of the inserts, the “many hands, make light work” axiom applies to the areas of Food, Production, Volunteers, Distribution, and Community. Although Coordinators have volunteered for some activities, we don't expect, for example, the Production Coordinator to be present to observe work-flow and quality control for the entire week but, rather, to be spelled by others.  All such areas would benefit from help. There are plenty of roles, activities and functions available to suit anyone willing to participate. Please contact me for more information (326-8564).

As the Salesperson said, “How would you like to help a community reduce Greenhouse gasses, lower fossil fuel costs and keep its most vulnerable members warmer, all while having a tasty and interesting time meeting a diverse group of people?”

The foregoing has more than a modicum of truth, and you can accomplish any or all of these worthy outcomes by volunteering for the Community Build to be held in the Brooksville Community Center.

Tony Ferrara

NB.1 We anticipate an article in the Weekly Packet to come out at the end of September which will help us outreach to potential volunteers as well as encourage sales of our inserts for next year.

NB.2  Arrangements are under way for George Stevens Academy Students to help in the build.

August 31, 2015