Daniel Dixon, Ph.D.
Daniel Dixon, PhD, is the University of Maine Sustainability Director and Research Assistant Professor in the Climate Change Institute with graduate degrees in Climate Studies and Earth Sciences. Dr. Dixon has completed five Antarctic field seasons, traversing >10,000 km over the ice sheet and drilling >40 ice cores along the way with research focusing on reconstructing paleoclimate over the last ~1000 years using the chemistry contained in snow and ice. His recent explorations have focused on ice core recovery from a dozen remote mountain regions.
As a result of data gathered from his ongoing explorations in such climate-critical locations as Iceland, Southern Patagonia, the New Zealand Southern Alps, the Central Chilean Andes, the Peruvian Andes, the Olympic Mountains, the Saint Elias Mountains, and on the Island of South Georgia, Dr. Dixon will describe our global climate situation, possible trajectories and interventions. Drawing upon findings and analyses from the Climate Change Institute’s recent report, Coastal Maine Climate Future, expectations for our local weather will be addressed.