Window Dressers Update: The All-Volunteer Blue Hill Peninsula Community Build

The willingness of the broader community to make this Community Buildhappen and to ensure its being a success, is stunning. Persons are already sharing their gifts and using their skills to prepare for the build in October. This is in accord with one of RFS's stated goals,community building, which encourages the identification and expression of individual gifts for the common good.

Several recently added volunteers are: Carole Pascal, Susan and Mike Cramner, David Zachow, Connie Jenkins and Dud Hendrick. George Stevens Academy students, under the supervision of Kathy Pelletier, will participate in the build, adding to the diversity of our build community. Others have stepped up to help with specific tasks such as Distribution and Amenities - Carl Karush and Lola Bogyo, respectively.

The major development at this juncture is the setting-up and implementation of our scheduling software. As soon as the system is operational, the many folks who have expressed an interest in volunteering to be part of the Blue Hill Peninsula Community Build will have an opportunity to do so. Those receiving this email and others can look forward to receiving an invitation and instructions from Tom Adamo (Volunteer Coordinator) to schedule their work visit.

Tony Ferrara
July 28, 2015