WindowDressers: 2016 Update

September 25-30 the Blue Hill Peninsula will again experience a Window Dressers Community Build, a project entirely supported by dedicated volunteers who support the mission to cut heat loss with custom-made interior storm windows, thus significantly lower heating costs and reducing carbon emissions.  Window Dressers began five years ago in Rockland, Maine with two ingenious, industrious, creative men, Dick Cadwgan and Frank Mundo, who started with a small operation in their basements to build low-cost, high efficiency storm windows and now have spread their project to other parts of Maine. This year sixteen towns will be participating, from Portland and Bangor to the Blue Hill Peninsula and Deer Isle and aim to produce almost 5000 windows statewide.
Folks in each of these towns organize the Community Build, recruit volunteers, and find households interested in obtaining these window inserts. Again this year the windows for the Peninsula will be constructed at the Community Center in Brooksville. Part of the goal of the Window Dressers is to be able to supply several low-income households with free energy efficient storm windows, which cut heating costs up to 25%.  For the paying customers, the payback is quick within the first year after installation. Many of the volunteers are people purchasing the windows. Volunteer labor keeps the cost down enormously. Training to complete the making of a window takes only fifteen minutes. The price of a window insert averages 20-30 dollars depending on size, with most households initially ordering ten windows.
The completed wood-framed windows are light and easy to install on the interior of the house.  Clear, transparent polyolefin plastic on both sides of the frame creates a dead space, which provides an R value of 3,  blocking leaks and drafts.  Satisfied customers are amazed at the immediate effect on the comfort of their rooms and the decrease in their winter fuel bills.
If you would like to get involved, come visit the weeklong Community Build in South Brooksville at the Community Center from September 26-30. Come see the fascinating assembly line of volunteers who work morning and/or afternoon shifts while meeting new acquaintances, chatting with neighbors, hearing lively music, eating delicious lunch, and yet still working to reduce our energy costs and carbon footprint. Reversing Falls Sanctuary and St. Francis Church are sponsors of this event. Our local steering committee includes Tom Adamo, Tony Ferrara, Ray Yardy, Bill MacDowell, and Bill Mulliken. If you would like to sign up to volunteer this year, email or if you are considering signing up for window inserts next year and need further information, go to
Why not join your community for next year’s Build and be a part of this energy efficiency movement.