WindowDressers Community Build: Call to Action

Six persons interested in bringing WindowDressers to our community met with its co-founder Dick Cadwgan and Coordinator Eileen Wilkinson in Bucksport on 1/15/15. The gathering drew from several local groups: St. Brendan, St. Francis by the Sea, Reversing Falls Sanctuary, Brooksville United Methodist Church and Island Heritage Trust. Some of the topics addressed were the schedule of activities, recommendations as to how a Community Build should be conducted and the dollar cost of bringing this program or service to our community.

The major activity, of course, is the actual fabrication of the window inserts, i.e., the wrapping, taping and shrinking of the window frames received from Rockland.

Based upon their past experience, completing our allotment of 300 windows should take one full week. This number is based on the assumption that 8 volunteers will be available to staff the work stations each day. Our Community Build is tentatively scheduled for the last week in October at the Brooksville Community Center.

Besides introducing the project to organizations and making the community aware of this weatherization opportunity, the first activity is to train a team of volunteers in the measuring/ordering process. This training will involve the use of a software program, as well as a laser ruler, and is expected to take place in March. Some windows will be sold at full  price ($20-26), while others will be subsidized by these purchases and by participating organizations in order to get them into the homes that have the greatest need. WindowDressers has asked us to complete our orders by the end of April.

The cost to bring this program to the community is approximately $500 to cover the cost for truck rental, contribution for building usage, and amenities for volunteers. It is hoped that partnering organizations will share this cost.

We are now in the active stage of compiling (tentative) window order requests. It is anticipated that the demand will exceed our allotment of 300 insulating window inserts requiring criteria to be established for the selection process.

What's necessary for this project to work is the building of a new community composed of those with varied affiliations, interests, and motivations: to help others (stay warm), to help the Earth by reducing CO2 emissions, and/or to be involved in some hands-on activity for the common good.

  • We need people to staff the assembly line producing the windows (contributing one or more days to the build).
  • We need a small number of people visiting the homes of those wanting windows, and taking measurements and inputting data into the computer to generate orders.
  • Most of all we need a few individuals to assume leadership positions and be responsible for specific aspects of the program: Volunteer Coordinator, Production Coordinator, Measurement/Order Coordinator. 

Reversing Falls Sanctuary, one of the partners in the endeavor, has as one of its goals the expression of the gifts of individual members of the community. Is there a place in this project to use your gifts?

January 2015