WindowDressers: Furthering the RFS Mission of Fostering Ecological Awareness

Reversing Falls Sanctuary is a sacred, welcoming space that seeks to build community, encourage spiritual exploration, support the arts and foster ecological awareness. RSF has done creative work in the first three areas as reflected in such events as : Dr. Phoebe Phelps' Spiritual Pilgrimage, the Winter Solstice celebration and the Farm/Art Exchange, respectively.  However, the development of the fourth and last concern, ecological awareness, has lagged behind.  This is particularly unfortunate and to some degree ironic in that Climate Change is a central concern of many of  RFS's participants. Besides the SELF* Conference and the Greenhouse Project to which it gave rise, there has been little ecological movement, save educational events such as “” and the Scientific Origin Story.

The good news is that RFS, in partnership with Windowdressers and other organizations for the common good, is embarking on a new project which directly targets CO2 emissions on a local level by supplying insulating interior window inserts. Although the project's immediate goal is to help our neighbors most challenged by the cold to stay warm, it is no small benefit that this also reduces harmful emissions for us all.  Windowdressers can help us to create a community energized by both compassion (helping others) and ecology (helping the world). The project can galvanize the RFS Community in conjunction with others in putting environmental concerns once again center stage.

*S.E.L.F. Conference on Sustainable Community (Shelter, Energy, Livelihood, Food) 

January 2015