WindowDressers: The Home Stretch2

Sunday afternoon, October 25 update:

We're all set up at the Brooksville Community Center for this week's "community build."

Hope to see many volunteers throughout the week.

This will be an interesting and fun group process.

Please join us for the fun!

(See contact information below.)

Volunteers have rallied to almost complete the staffing of the eighty half-days needed to do the Community Build with only a few more spots needing to be filled.

Additionally, we could use several more volunteers for other facets of this complicated project as follows:

  • On Sunday, 10/25 from 10am-2pm, help to unload the truck of window inserts and to set-up the work stations.
  • On Saturday, 10/31 from 9am-1pm, help is needed to assist those picking up their inserts and finish remaining fabrication of inserts.
  • On Sunday, 11/1, a van or pickup truck is needed to return the equipment used for the build which can either be lent to the project for the trip to Rockland or be owner driven.

Volunteers who come for part of the work schedule are welcomed. If you plan to come for all or part of a work activity, email Tony Ferrara or Tom Adamo, Volunteer Cooordinator.

Tony Ferrara
October 10, 2015