WindowDressers: Looking Back

Here are some comments we have received from those who participated in our Community Build week October 26-31, 2015.

I thought the project went very well as far as I could see. It was obvious a lot of time, energy, and commitment was expressed. I am sure there are many more people that would like to be recipients of the product we produced. The window inserts are very neat and tidy looking and would be appreciated in many homes.
I wonder if some people, such as myself, who after seeing how it is done, might be willing to construct their own window inserts and save the volunteer labor for others perhaps less able to do so. If the materials were available for purchase at a bulk rate the project could probably leverage the goal of saving wasted energy without having to do as much work. Encouraging people to build these energy saving devices for themselves would potentially spread their use at a quicker pace and reduce carbon emissions at a quicker rate.
That's my two cents,
Paul Trowbridge

I am a recipient of ten window inserts.  My nephew, Mike, picked the window inserts up since I could not fit them in my car.
He dropped them off at  my house and put them in my garage.  I then carried them one by one into my livingroom.  Each window was numbered so I had no trouble putting them up.  The window insert is also light in weight so it was easy for me to handle each window insert.  I had my inserts painted white so they look just like the window trim. I am so pleased with the way they look and I think I can already feel the difference in the temperature in the room.  I may just order more window inserts for another room if the project is repeated next year.

Elsie Sealander

We wanted to send a big THANK YOU to everyone involved. We put up our 10 windows (all fit perfectly) and a few minutes later our furnace turned off for the first time since we turned it on in October! We had the thermostat set on 62, but it’s way warmer than that indoors now.

Our house has always been hard to heat, like most old Maine homes, but this made an instant huge difference.


Warmest regards,

Richard Merrill and Susan Barrett Merrill

building window insertsAs the Production Manager for the Window Dresser Project, I arrived at the Brooksville Community Center and well measured window frames, built at the factory were there, as were all the parts to assemble these amazing window inserts. Volunteers had signed up, food arrived, and more food arrived.

The volunteers found Poly wrapping tables, shrinking tables, and taping areas. Choosing their area of comfort, we managed to take people unfamiliar with this process, train them,  and meet our daily quota of 60 windows a day. Often the training was done by another volunteer from the day before! At the end of 5 days, our 300 windows were done!
A totally win win happened. Neighbors met neighbors, neighbors helped neighbors and we made homes comfortable and saved polluting energy from heat leaking out of our homes and buildings. It was always on everyones' minds that for every 3 windows, the 4th went to someone who had less financial means. Charging $20-25 per window was a value for some and unaffordable for others but, the pay it forward model worked as we watched homeowners arrive to pick up their windows, smiles across their faces, not unlike Christmas morning, knowing those drafts would be gone. Just a miracle of volunteerism meeting comfort, affordability with the huge kicker of reducing our carbon footprint.
So many thanks are needed here but I must be sure to tell you that Tony and Anne Ferrara spearheaded this, supported by Tom Adamo, previous Greenhouse Project participants
Also the team of volunteers, the Town Of Brooksville Community Building, amazing musicians, cooks, GSA students and recipients made this an incredible community building event.
This project is a great representative of the Reversing Falls Mission.building window inserts
  • build community
  • encourage spiritual exploration
  • support the arts
  • promote ecological consciousness
Thank you to everyone for making this such an outstanding week, it was a blast!
Carol Gregor
A special thanks from me to the Bills and Ray!! You are the best!

This was a wonderful experience and hope it spreads to help others control their heating costs.

We have your brochures available for our clients.

Patricia Quirk, CPA


I thoroughly enjoyed helping to build the window inserts.  The training I received was terrific and the whole process was like a well oiled machine.  A big thank you to Tony, Carol, Tom and all the other organizers for such a worthwhile project.  I would definitely do it again! 

Ruth Miller

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