WindowDressers Program: Phase 3

We are at the end of the second phase of the WindowDressers program: the measurement and ordering of window inserts. Teams of measurers have gone to approximately 30 homes and organizations to reach our quota of 300 insulated inserts.

The task of the third phase of the project is to prepare for the Community Build which is scheduled for Oct. 25 thru Nov. 1 in the Brooksville Community Center. This preparation will include the following:

  • Arrange pick-up of assembled frames from WindowDressers site in Rockland

  • Collect tools, materials and equipment from Searsport build

  • Schedule volunteers to staff work-stations

  • Participate in training at an earlier, nearby Community Build (optional)

  • Set-up build site for fabricating (wrapping, taping, and shrinking) of inserts

  • Coordinate food and other amenities

  • Coordinate pick-up of completed inserts by customers

  • Establish work flow and quality control for the fabrication process

  • Arrange delivery to a few customers who cannot pick-up their inserts

In addition to the volunteers who will staff the work-stations of our Community Build, a number of volunteer Coordinators will be required to accomplish the above actions: Volunteers, Production, Distribution (pick-up), and Food and Amenities. Let me know if you are considering a role of Coordinator (or Co-coordinator) and I will forward a Community Build Manual which will give you more details about the project and roles. At a minimum, the commitment will involve monitoring (possibly with a Co-coordinator) your area of responsibility for the build week. Although all arrangements are tentative at this point, Tom Adamo and Carol Gregor have volunteered as Coordinators of Volunteers and Production, respectively. Charles Stephens and Bill MacDowell have also joined the core team. Please let me know if you are available to help out for several days during build week as part of the Core Team.  (You can use our website feedback form to communicate your interest. Leave your contact information and Tony Ferrara will get back to you. Or call Tony direcctly at 326-8564.) 

A Personal Note

Why should you volunteer your time and energy to build these inserts? I was hooked as soon as I read the BDN article describing the WindowDressers project as lowering heating costs (usually fossil fuel), reducing harmful CO2 emissions, keeping ourselves and our neighbors warm and forming a compassionate, all-volunteer community to accomplish this.

So any one of the above Smorgasbord of reasons will suffice to justify your participation in the project. For me, the most powerful pull was to explore community development of both individuals and organizations in service of the Common Good.

I didn't realize at this time that the 'reducing Greenhouse gases' aspect of WD (along with other recent local events) would prod me to think about Climate Change more broadly and push for a Reversing Falls Sanctuary led Community Climate Change Initiative. An unintended consequence but, certainly, a positive one. If you are concerned about Climate Change and want to do something concrete about it, but feel building 300 inserts is only a token gesture, it is important to understand that we are part of a larger WindowDressers effort that involves thousands of inserts in approximately a dozen communities, and this number is growing. As a volunteer, you also become a member of a cross-pollinated community made up of individuals and organizations united to help others. Who can predict the potential of this broader community?

Tony Ferrara
July 2015