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Reversing Falls Sanctuary, in collaboration with the Brooksville Free Public Library, was awarded a Maine Community Foundation grant to fund the Community Tech Ambassador (CTA) program, offering free training to anyone interested from our community and across the peninsula. Instruction will be given in all aspects of digital communication using such platforms as Zoom and You Tube and computer-aided program events; otherwise known as: "who knows how to hook up these cables?" It is hoped that a full range of ages will get involved in this training with the end result of developing a core group of knowledgable computer users who can offer technical aid to peers, co-workers, school kids and grandparents. Specific workshops will be happening throughout 2021 and 2022, in person, online and will be recorded.  The recorded workshops will allow for curriculum review and a better grasp of the material.


Ricky Leighton, trainer for this program, is a local videographer and filmmaker with years of experience in media production for Esquire Digital, a digital marketing agency.


Go to YouTube to watch Workshop #1


Go to YouTube to watch Workshop #2


Go to YouTube to watch Workshop #3

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