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Building & Grounds News

While events and programs inside the RFS building have been few of late, volunteers and local contractors have continued to make improvements on this loved structure.

The building now sports two new insulated exterior doors. Chris Gonyer of Penobscot did a sterling job of fitting them into this old building. Recently LeCain Smith of Harborside, our new building manager, finished off interior trim in the bathroom and built a vanity counter to showcase the beautiful ceramic sink bowl made by potter Nancy Morris of Sedgwick. Local plumber Bud Poole is still working to connect the sink lines and gooseneck faucet. He will also be adding an in-line water filter to the system that will remove particulate matter and give us better drinking water.

The Maine Arts Expansion Grant received by RFS from the Maine Community Foundation, enabled the purchase of six new, lighter weight but still sturdy folding tables and a storage cabinet that replaces those too, too heavy tables and the 'vintage' cubby and drawer combo cabinet that was really very awkward storage for out needs. The tables and cabinet are integral to the Currents Art Workshops taking place in 2022.

There are always many opportunities for people handy with basic tools or paint brush to offer a few hours of selfless service to help this building improve its capacity to serve the peninsula wide community. Let us know if you would be interested in that.


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