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Eco-spirituality Study Group to Continue

On Sunday, November 26 at 4 PM, Rev. Dr. Andi Lloyd will continue a series of conversations to further explore the relationship between Eco-spirituality and Climate Change. This series is scheduled on the last Sunday of the month and is offered in response to requests for a continuation of the workshop of the same name that Andi hosted in September. In the second session, participants were invited to see Ecology and Spirituality, which are usually perceived as separate domains (Science and Spirit), as a singularity (Ecospirituality). This third session will help us to understand the connection between our mental well being and living on a planet whose climate is in crisis. Recommended readings are attached. An excerpt from these readings appears below. Andi is co-author of the book, Letters from the Ecotone: Ecology, Theology and Climate Change. She received a PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona and a M. Div. from Yale Divinity School. Rev. Dr. Andrea Lloyd is currently the pastor of the Trinitarian Congregational Parish of Castine. In her work as an ecologist, she studied the effects of climate change on forests in Alaska and Siberia. The conversation will take place in the Reversing Falls Sanctuary (818 Bagaduce Road, Brooksville) and is co-sponsored by Climate Action Net. For more information email or call 326-8564. "From what we have seen in our own research, although this type of grief is already being experienced, it also lacks an appropriate avenue for expression or for healing. Indeed, not only do we lack the rituals and practices to address feelings of ecological grief, until recently we did not even have the language to give such feelings voice."

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