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EURYDICE, directed by Bec Poole

BY SARAH RUHL DIRECTED BY BEC POOLE NOVEMBER 4TH-19TH Eurydice (2007) by Sarah Ruhl is a personal, poetic, updated, re-telling of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice. Written after the death of her father, Ms. Ruhl’s funny, sad and luminous play explores ideas of longing, love and memory.

Directed by Bec Poole with Nina Lee as Eurydice, Nathanael Lee as Orpheus, and John Greenman as Eurydice’s father, this tragic tale comes alive with humor and whimsy. The underworld, filled with remarkable characters (Dennis Moran as the Lord of the Underworld, Arpita Badami, Claire Daniels and Veronica Young as the Stones), creates a story that reminds us all of the power and testament of enduring love. Go to New Surry Theatre to purchase tickets.


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