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How to Organize a Community for Climate Disruption Made Simple

The Brooklin Friends Memorial Public Library will host a discussion on Climate Change preparedness. The talk is offered by Climate Action Net's Tony and Anne Ferrara and Rob Shetterly of Americans Who Tell theTruth. The occasion for this event is the completion of the CAN website, and the launching of the Connection Project. This project is based upon the assumption that an organized community is better situated to respond to the stresses of climate disruption than a community lacking organized structure. The initial stage of the organizational model involves bringing together small groups of folks with a common characteristic (for example, Artists, Environmentalists, Youth) to share their views about our climate crisis and to identify any activity which can increase our community’s resilience.

Rob Shetterly is in the process of completing his book, Portraits of Earth Justice, based upon his paintings of climate justice activists. He will share stories of his encounters with these climate activists, especially the youth, and his efforts to encourage young persons to engage in the work of building a more just world.

The presentation will be held on Saturday, 2/19 at 4 PM, in-person and via Zoom. For more info and the Zoom link go to CAN's website.


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