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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

A Raffle Project

Quilt Revisions: Art Can Change the World is a raffle project offered by Daksha Baumann and Reversing Falls Sanctuary. The raffle will raise money for the Mabel Wadsworth Center (, an agency that works for the well-being of women and the LGBTQIA+ community in Maine. Participants will have a chance to win one of three original creations made by Daksha that are meaningful to her as an artist.

Daksha began working with an old quilt originally made in the Lewiston-Auburn area. This area is home to many of French-Canadian descent who moved from Quebec to work in the textile and shoe factories. While no one remembers who made the quilt, the fabrics appear to date from the 1920s or ‘30s. Back then, the French-Canadian community in Lewiston-Auburn was targeted by intimidation, violence, religious prejudice, discriminatory legislation, and threats to language and culture. The KKK actively sought to maintain the sociopolitical dominance of Protestant leaders and institutions in Maine despite the growing “foreign element.”

Knowing the painstaking work that goes into making a quilt, Daksha couldn’t let this old, tattered textile cease to exist in some form. She cut the quilt into nine equal pieces and set to work when the pandemic disrupted daily life. Using thread and fabrics, she stitched words and anchored applique over the surface to create an image. As she stitched, she felt a connection to the original women sewers. Daksha eventually created three new pieces of fabric art entitled, “ Enough”, “Gaia’s World Tour for the Cure/Coming to a City Near You”, and “Stop the War on Women”.

For each $5 you donate to this project, your name will be entered into the raffle to be drawn on October 1. The person whose name is drawn can choose one of the 3 pieces.

Donations can be mailed to: Daksha Baumann, 298 Southern Bay Rd., Penobscot, ME 04476 Please make your check out to Mabel Wadsworth Center.

Be sure to include your name and phone/email so you can be contacted if you are a winner!


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