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THREADBARE THEATRE WORKSHOP at Reversing Falls Sanctuary


Despite it all–– our slow summer persists. We are tending to our work while spying deer tend the garden, riding bikes uphill long enough to take flight at the crest, picking strawberries, floating in the ocean, and tinkering in the "workshop" on these breezy afternoons. We acknowledge this time is a privilege.

Thanks to all of you who have joined us for Open Door Day, Body of Wonder, and Writing Joy– it has been, well, a joy to connect and create with you. To those of you who haven't been to the sanctuary yet, or would like to come again– please do. There is still space in our final Body of Wonder, Making Theatre and Weaving Grief and, of course, the outdoor Contradance next Wednesday with live music and steps called out by Chrissy Fowler of Belfast Flying Shoes. Did you know our summer offerings are free to attend? You can sign up here.

As we journey through the workshops, Kirsten Rickert is slowly honoring our time together– crafting a creation from the griefs + joys of the natural world that will line up with us as we link arms and weave patterns in the air. Everyone is most welcome to swing by on July 20 at 6pm– even if just for some fiddle tunes among the trees. We are humbled by the creativity, vitality, and generosity that flows through this community. Thank you for being.

Many folks are wondering what we'll be up to next, and I can't spill the beans just yet, but I do know this time to float has allowed us to dream again. We can't wait to put on another play with you– for now, let's dance.

See you soon,

Artistic Director Kate Russell


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