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Climate Matters

Post Update

Every Saturday, at noon on the Blue Hill Bridge, people are gathering to raise awareness about the climate emergency we are all facing. We have had to cancel some recent rallies due to intense weather. Community is the antidote to despair and effective action will help to make our towns more resilient. Post rally conversations about climate matters take place on a zoom call at 2 PM on Saturdays. If you want to be kept up to date, with weekly announcements about the rally or the topic of the conversations, contact Bob Jones, the rally and discussion coordinator, to get on his email list. or 326 8641 CLIMATE ACTION NET Blue Hill, Maine, Peninsula & Island neighbors advocate for science-based climate policy

Calling All Seniors

Bill McKibben, founder of, is creating a national climate organization targeting elders, grandparents and retirees. It is named “3rd Act” as in the 3rd phase of life (60+). He describes us elders as having the awareness of the seriousness of our climate situation and the resources and experience to support the efforts of our young climate activists. A multigenerational effort is required for successful climate policy. We have borrowed too recklessly from the Carbon Budget of future generations, but we can help carry the burden that we have created for the young by participating in 3rd Act.

The refrain in a poem by Drew Dellinger is “What did you do once you knew?” What did you do when the “seasons began to fail” or when climate instability threatened to turn our sacred earth into a desecrated one? The elder in the poem cannot sleep “because his great, great grandchildren ask him in his dreams, what did you do once you knew.” Clearly, each elder aware of the climate crisis must answer this question when our offspring hold us accountable.

Our local 3rd Act group is one of several sectors or affinity groups (along with others such as Environmentalists, Food Providers, Youth, Artists ) which will be brought together to raise climate awareness, increase local resilience and organize actions. As such, 3rd Act is part of Climate Action Net’s Connection Project which is described more fully at, or email for more information. Be part of the solution; take action.


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