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RFS tech - oldsters learning new tricks

We've been stumbling our way through the pandemic just like everyone else. Scratching our heads for the last few months trying to figure out how to keep moving forward. How to build community when we're more isolated than even in our own homes?

One obvious solution comes through creative uses of internet technology. If we can play poker, attend the theater, visit with grandchildren, hold cocktail parties, and learn to play the ukulele online - why not try to use these same tools to recreate our RFS programming online? Thanks to Zoom, we figured that one out pretty quickly. Then Ricky Leighton stepped up to teach us some more technology skills. Now, we're launching a new add-on to our website - a free WIX-based blog. Our hope is that this additional online platform will give us more opportunities to communicate while holed up by the woodstove this winter. So please join in the conversation.

You can review three CTA workshops that have been recorded and posted to Youtube.

Workshop #1, Basic Computer Terms and Functions/Community Tech Ambassadors

Workshop #2, The Internet, File Size and Backing Up Data/Community Tech Ambassadors

Workshop #3, Zoom Video Conferencing/Community Tech Ambassadors


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